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Past APPG events

24 May 2021: Annual General Meeting followed by a panel event, ‘Rebuilding from the Rubble: Compensation for Miscarriages of Justice’. 

The APPG heard from a panel of expert speakers on the issue of compensation – a topic back in the public agenda in the wake of the Post Office cases and with exonerees Victor Nealon and Sam Hallam now putting the issue before the European Court of Human Rights. The panel, chaired by Bob Neill, consisted of:

Jo Hamilton – one of the sub-post mistresses who had her wrongful conviction overturned in the recent Post Office appeals.

Dr Neil Hudgell – the solicitor who represented Jo Hamilton and several other Post Office appellants.

Dr Laura Tilt – a pupil barrister at Pump Court Chambers and co-author of Not Innocent Enough: State Compensation for Miscarriages of Justice in England and Wales’, 2019 and ‘The Benefits of Social Capital for the Wrongfully Convicted: Considering the Promise of a Resettlement Model’, 2018.

Jodie Blackstock – the Legal Director of JUSTICE who provided evidence in support of Victor Nealon and Sam Hallam’s case before the Supreme Court. They also wrote Supporting Exonerees: Ensuring Accessible, Consistent and Continuing Support, 2018.

You can watch the panel event here. Click here for the AGM minutes.

March 2021: Public launch of the Westminster Commission report – ‘In the Interests of Justice’

The launch event of the Westminster Commission’s report, In the Interests of Justice, featuring the Westminster Commissioners and a high profile panel, took place on Thursday 18 March. You can watch it here.

February 2020: Forensic Science and Miscarriages of Justice

Defective forensic science is one of the biggest causes of miscarriages of justice today. Since the abolition of the government-funded Forensic Science Service, vital forensic investigation is now entrusted to private laboratories, which can put justice after commercial viability. On 4 February 2020, the APPG heard from Louise Shorter (Inside Justice) and Professor Carole McCartney (Northumbria University), Dr Gillian Tully (Forensic Science Regulator), Professor Ruth Morgan (University College London), and Professor Angela Gallop CBE (Forensic Access).

A transcript of the event will follow.

February 2020: Inaugural meeting in the current Parliament

Minutes to be uploaded.

The APPG’s income and expenditure for 2018/19, which was formally approved at the meeting, is available here.

July 2019: Launch of the Westminster Commission on Miscarriages of Justice

May 2019: Visit to the CCRC

Members of the APPG on Miscarriages of Justice visited the Criminal Cases Review Commission in Birmingham. Thank you to everyone who sent in issues to raise or questions to the CCRC. The minutes of the visit are available here. Following the visit, several written questions were put to the CCRC by APPG members. The answers provided to those questions are available here.

April 2019: Business Meeting

Members of the APPG met to discuss the details of the upcoming Commission on Miscarriages of Justice and update colleagues on the recent work of the APPG. The non-verbatim minutes are available here.

March 2019

Representatives from the APPG met with Minister Edward Argar to discuss the need for compensation and support for individuals who have been wrongfully convicted. 

February 2019: Annual General Meeting

During the AGM, members looked back on what the APPG has achieved in the first year and elected a new set of officers. This was followed by a public event. The non-verbatim minutes are available here.

January 2019

Meeting to discuss ending imprisonment for non-payment of council tax in England

On 17th January, APPG Chair Barry Sheerman MP met with representatives from the Civil Enforcement Agency and APPEAL to discuss how to work together to end imprisonment for non-payment of council tax in England.

Evidence now shows that year after year there have been significant numbers of miscarriages of justice with people being unlawfully imprisoned for non-payment of council tax. A recent high court judgment showed that at minimum, between 9.5% and 18% of people sent to prison for council tax non-payment, are sent there unlawfully.

You can found out more about the campaign via APPEAL.

The Aftermath of Wrongful Convictions: Addressing the Needs of the Wrongfully Convicted in England and Wales

Dr Laura Tilt from the University of Oxford shared her doctorate findings on the lived experiences of the wrongfully convicted after their conviction has been quashed. She discussed the harms caused by wrongful convictions, the experiences of support received to help address those harms, and what policy change might be required to better address the needs of the wrongfully convicted in England and Wales. Amanda Jenkinson, herself a victim of wrongful conviction and who shared her experiences for the research, engaged in a Q and A with Laura to provide direct insight into life after a wrongful conviction. Please sign up here.

December 2018

Representatives from the APPG met with Justice Minister Edward Argar MP, who is responsible for miscarriages of justice.

October 2018

The APPG hosted a roundtable to discuss the APPEAL Six Point Plan for an Effective Miscarriage of Justice Watchdog. The meeting was attended by Parliamentarians including Bob Neill MP, Richard Burgon MP and Crispin Blunt MP. Nicky Green, brother of Jamie Green, spoke about her brother’s case, which has been turned down by the CCRC, and representatives from the Criminal Case Review Commission (CCRC) responded to the issues raised by the Six Point Plan.

Bob Neill MP highlighted that the Justice Select Committee had previously taken the view that the real possibility test should be reviewed. The CCRC said they would welcome revisiting whether this is an appropriate test. The CCRC also acknowledged that more resources were needed to enable staff to visit more applicants.

After the meeting, the APPG Chair wrote to every member of the Justice Select Committee to endorse the Six Point Plan.

June 2018

Before Parliamentarians left for summer recess, Barry Sheerman MP (Chair of the APPG on Miscarriages of Justice) hosted victims, families, campaigners and lawyers in Parliament to hear from a range of speakers.

Speakers included the Journalist Jon Robins; Michael Mansfield QC; the neuropathologist Dr Waney Squier; the mathematician Professor Norman Fenton; JENGBA’s Gloria Morrison; Liam Allan; and Matt Foot, a defence lawyer at Birnberg Peirce.

April 2018

In April, Barry Sheerman MP met with the Secretary of State for Justice, Rt Hon David Gauke MP, where Barry raised the lack of compensation given to exonorees.

November 2017

At the inaugural event of the APPG on Miscarriages of Justice, the “Say I’m Innocent” campaign presented their film Fallout, screened on the BBC, based on the post-prison lives of four high profile exonerees who were sentenced to death or life imprisonment. The screening was followed by a discussion on the major changes that are needed in the law, as well as the crucial services lacking for Miscarriages of Justice cases. This was led by Paddy Hill of the Birmingham 6, Robert Brown who spent 25 years in prison and Mark Mc Loughlin, the film director. Read more here..