Get your MP involved – Template letter

It is vital that the APPG has a wide base of parliamentary support to ensure all politicians take notice of miscarriages of justice. To help with this, you can email your MP. A suggested template for text to copy into the email is available below, but it is useful to give a short personal explanation of why this is personally an important issue to you. MPs receive lots of emails and a personal link like this can help yours to stand out and persuade your MP to join the APPG.

We would recommend using a helpful tool available here to easily email your MP. This tool automatically sorts the relevant details of your MP and formats your message if you put in your own address. 


Re: APPG on Miscarriages of Justice

Dear [name of MP – this will be done for you if using the tool linked above],

I am one of your constituents and I am writing to ask you to get involved in the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Miscarriages of Justice. It has just released the report of a vital inquiry, chaired by Lord Garnier QC and Baroness Stern CBE, into the Criminal Cases Review Commission, the state-funded miscarriage of justice watchdog. Your support would be important at a critical time. A Westminster Hall Debate regarding the CCRC is scheduled for Tuesday 13 April at 18.05-18.35. As a constituent, I urge you to attend and to get involved in the group’s work.

Miscarriages of justice have truly devastating consequences for those who are subject to them and their loved ones. It is in the interests of innocent defendants, victims of crime, and the public at large, to ensure everything possible is done to prevent wrongful convictions and ensure injustices are swiftly put right. However, our justice system is currently failing too many innocent people. This needs to change.

[Optional: explain here why this is such an important to issue to you personally.]

There is a strong tradition of Parliamentarians using their platform to raise awareness of miscarriages of justice and call for reforms that help prevent wrongful convictions, and improve access to justice for those who have been imprisoned for crimes they did not commit.

I hope that as my MP you will be part of a revival of this tradition by becoming a member of the APPG and by getting involved with its work. For more information on the APPG please visit its website ( where you can also find the full report of the Westminster Commission inquiry.

Yours sincerely, 

[Your name]